40 Simple Truths (at a glance)

40 simple truthsOn the off chance that anyone wants to take a stroll through this series in order sometime, I’ve assembled a table of contents of sorts, with titles, links and excerpts to give you a sense of the topic and flavor.

Please use it (or not) as you see fit.

40 Simple Truths – February 12 (Shrove Tuesday): If this series turns out to be a grand-slam, we’ll have a deeper and fuller understanding of our Creator and who He wants us to be. But at the very least, I think we’ll have spent a little more time each day during Lent 2013 thinking about God than we might have otherwise. That, in and of itself, will be worthwhile, I think.

  1. God is Great – February 13 (Ash Wednesday): He made the Heavens and the Earth. Our solar system is a microscopic speck in His creation, and creation is a mere reflection of the greatness of the Creator.
  2. God is Good  February 14: God isn’t just good (adjective), He’s good (noun) – in the same way that God isn’t loving, God is love! When we say the phrase ‘Oh my goodness!’, or ‘There’s still good in him’ to describe a wayward friend or child, I bet God’s ears are burning.
  3. God is Love – February 15: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” – 1 John 4:8. is John saying that all God’s other attributes – His creativity, His holiness, His kindness, His righteousness and even His wrath – all fit inside that heart-shaped box called love?
  4. God Knows Everything – February 16: Has it ever occurred to you that nothing has ever occurred to God? God has never had an A-ha! moment. He’s never said Eureka! It’s not that He’s never had an epiphany, it’s that He’s never had anything but epiphany!
  5. God is Patient – February 18: Whether humanity’s arrival took six days or 13 billion years, the true miracle of God’s patience is that He hasn’t given up on these people He created, even though we’ve unabashedly, and without exception, squandered and taken for granted that free will, turned our backs on Him and each other and (to put it mildly) fallen well short of our potential.
  6. God is Kind – February 19: Kind is a million little, earthly acts of selflessness we (hopefully) do without thinking, a dozen times a day, because we’re nice people – whether we’re Christians or not! How do we connect something as trivial as that to God?
  7. God Never Fails – February 20: We regularly fail God by falling short of His plans for us, but the will of God is never thwarted. He always has a Plan B. God’s Plan A is always better than Plan B, but Plan B still accomplishes His will in ways that are staggering to us.
  8. God is Everywhere – February 21: Those three words that are very easily said, but not so easily grasped – by 15th Century Muslims or by 21st Century Christians. How can an entity that has no physical body be anywhere, let alone everywhere? Maybe the answer lies in the question.
  9. God is Big – February 22: When we think about the fact that God is Big, and God is Everywhere, we need to remember that God is GoodGod is Patient and God is Love – and therefore His constant presence can only build us up, not tear us down.
  10. God is Daddy – February 23: I think God feels privileged and blessed to have you for His child. And He hopes the feeling is mutual.
  11. God is Holy – February 25: It would be easier to react properly to the holiness of God, if I were able to comprehend how this quality can exist in harmony with those other qualities I mentioned.Infinite patience and uncompromising holiness seem mutually exclusive to my gnat-like brain and heart.
  12. God is Wild – February 26: God feels no obligation to live up to our expectations of Him, and thank God for that. He may not always be the God we think we want, but He’s always the God we need.
  13. God Speaks – February 27: He doesn’t only speak to apostles, prophets and martyrs; or to popes and parsons and pastors; he speaks to the ordinary and the unwashed. He speaks to you and to me.
  14. God Listens – February 28: The Creator of the universe, the Alpha and Omega, the Great I Am, is ready, willing and eager to listen to little, old you – 24/7. As if that’s not staggering enough, He’s able to give His undivided attention to everyone at the same time! How does that work? Simple. He’s God.
  15. God Answers – March 1: Sometimes our conversations with God tend to feel a little one-sided. We do all the talking and we never hear a peep out of Him. But perhaps we never hear a peep out of Him because we do all the talking.
  16. God is Enough – March 2: At my church, we often sing the words, ‘Your grace is enough’ and ‘All I have in you is more than enough‘. Great words, eh? I wonder what life would be like if we lived as though we believed them.
  17. God is Creative – March 4: God made music. Not like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made music, mind you. God made music.
  18. God is Collaborative – March 5: He can do anything He wants, all on his own (one of the perks of being all-powerful), but He chooses to work with people to accomplish His will.
  19. God is Respectful – March 6: If we choose to turn our back on Him and walk away, it breaks His heart, but He lets us go. So choose wisely.
  20. God is Gracious – March 7: God is respectful of our free will, but He’s anything but indifferent about how we use it. When we choose to do God’s will, it’s cause for celebration, and I get the sense that our God likes to throw a bash whenever He can.
  21. God is Generous – March 8: Whatever we have, He either gave us directly, or He’s chosen not to take away.
  22. God Keeps No Record of Wrongs – March 9: We tend think that God is keeping track of all our misdeeds in some giant ledger. But maybe He is far, far less concerned with the state of our ledgers than He is with the state of our hearts.
  23. God is Eternal – March 11: “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” – 2 Peter 3:8
  24. God Loves You – March 12: God loves you – personally, as an individual – with every fibre of His being. And that is saying something.
  25. God Loves Everyone – March 13: God loves the people you dislike, avoid and fear, just as much as He loves you. And you are called to go and do likewise.
  26. God Believes in You – March 14: This isn’t going to be a mini-treatise on the ‘God believes in you, so why don’t you believe in Him?’ challenge. Rather, our focus today is this: God believes in you, so why don’t you believe in you?
  27. God is Unchanging – March 15: But if that’s the case, why does the New Testament God seem so much nicer than the Old Testament God?
  28. God is Indescribable – March 16
  29. God Gives Hope – March 18: The earthly version of hope isn’t much more than a synonym for ‘wish’, is it? ‘I wish the Flames would win the Stanley Cup this year’ isn’t much less pie-in-the-sky than ‘I hope the Flames win the Cup’, is it? (Especially this year.)
  30. God is Joyful – March 19: Notice that there aren’t a lot of verses where God brags about the joy He gets from the Trinity or from Heaven itself. Instead, what does the Bible say gives God joy? His creation. People. Us. You.
  31. God is Gentle – March 20: He has all the power in the universe at His fingertips, and every justification for dealing with us harshly. And yet, He chooses to be gentle.
  32. God is Trustworthy – March 21: There are apparently 31,174 verses in the Bible, and the middle one is Psalm 118:8: “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.” Coincidence? Probably. If you’re the sort who believes in coincidences, that is.
  33. God is King – March 22: I often lead worship songs that swear fealty to my Lord and King – some of them even use the words ‘You are my king’ – but there are many corners of my life where my actions sing the words ‘I am my king’.
  34. God is Praiseworthy – March 23 (Day before Palm Sunday): Any way you slice it, Palm Sunday 1.0 was a spontaneous Jesus Freaks Convention. And I think Jesus, in the moment, was glorified by that praise, flawed or not – even though most of them didn’t have their theology about Him just right. Regardless of the fact their praise was probably half-hearted, self-serving and/or misguided. (Hmm, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)
  35. God is Passionate – March 25 (Day after Palm Sunday): Rather than looking at The Passion of Jesus today, I’d rather focus on the passion of Jesus (the more common definition of ‘passion’, that is). Only multiplied by about a billion.
  36. God is Compassionate – March 26: To provide compassion for all of humanity at once, in the grand, sweeping and all-inclusive gesture of the Cross would be more than enough, and certainly more than we deserve. But what blows me away even more is the 50 billion individual acts of one-on-one compassion we get to experience on our own – in addition to the Cross!
  37. God is Master – March 27: Whatever else you’re meant to be and do, it fits inside the heart-shaped box called God is Master.
  38. God is Servant – March 28 (Maundy Thursday): But probably the most striking example of Jesus’ servanthood (prior to the Cross, that is) came on the very first Maundy Thursday, when the Son of God washed the feet of His disciples. This was a big deal.
  39. God Died – March 29 (Good Friday): Jesus prayed to His Father for mercy on the very people who actually did turn our backs on Him!
  40. God Rose – March 30 (Holy Saturday): While the Death of Jesus the God is what’s amazing about Good Friday, I wonder if it’s the Resurrection of Jesus the Man that sets Easter Sunday apart.

Peace be with you.


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