God is Wild

40 simple truthsAs much as we like to think of our God as a domesticated pussycat, He’s really an untamed lion.

God is wild.

For more on the topic-du-jour, let’s turn to Canadian Christian singer Carolyn Arends, through whom the Almighty gave us the following treatise on His nature:

Not a Tame Lion

I make you in my image more often than not
I keep you like a treasure in my jewelry box
But you smash through my illusions like only you can do
And you break apart these idols that I make of you
And oh – sometimes you whisper, but oh – sometimes you roar

You’re not a tame lion; You’re not meek and mild
Your tenderness is reckless and your mercy’s wild
You’re not a lucky rabbit’s foot, you’re not Santa Claus
There is a certain fury to the love of God
You’re not a tame lion

Your passion is consuming, Your holiness is fire
Your Spirit is a hunter whom no runner can tire
Your light shines in the darkness to the corners of the earth
Your laughter is the music of the universe
And oh – you’re not safe, but oh – you are good
You’re not a tame lion

Arends didn’t coin the ‘not a tame lion’ phrase, of course. She borrowed it lovingly and respectfully from Christian literary giant C.S. Lewis, who used it to describe Aslan the Lion – his representation of Christ – in the Narnia series.

There’s a scene in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where sisters Lucy and Susan are treated to a game of horseplay with the recently resurrected Aslan, and later Lucy has trouble making up her mind whether the encounter was like playing with a kitten, or playing with a thunderstorm! And the impression I get is not that Aslan fluctuated between the two extremes in an either-or situation, but that His thunderous fury and kittenine tenderness occupied the same space, in a both-and scenario.

And I think Lewis was very much onto something here.

Sometimes, when we want God to roar, He whispers – or even remains silent. And other times we get the roar when we think we want the whisper or the silence.

His priority is not to make us comfortable; it’s to help us grow.

God feels no obligation to live up to our expectations of Him, and thank God for that. He may not always be the God we think we want, but He’s always the God we need.

Peace be with you.


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Communications professional by day, amateur musician by night, worship leader (at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Calgary) on weekends and aspiring Bible teacher in my dreams. Grateful husband to the woman who completes me. Doing-the-best-I-can dad to the son and daughter who keep me on my toes. Striving disciple of the GodMan who came, taught and died for me. Thanks for stopping by!
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