40 Simple Truths

Behold, I am doing a new thing.

That’s what God told His people in Isaiah 43:19 (NKVJ), and for the next 40 days, the Disciplehood Team is going to ‘go and do likewise.‘ (Luke 10:37)

Who’s the ‘Disciplehood Team’, Baldy?

Well, me and all my reader[s], of course! (Not to mention our frequent ‘ghost contributor’, The Holy Spirit.)

What new thing, Baldy?

Instead of churning out a 1,000-word blog post once a week or so, I’m going to write a much shorter entry every day during Lent!

40 simple truthsEach post will start with a succinct sentence that sums up a very simple truth about God (for example, God is big), and a few sentences will follow and expand on the statement.

The idea will be for us to spend a bit of time each day during Lent, contemplating an aspect of God that we’re probably already aware of, but may not have thought much about for a while.

If this series turns out to be a grand-slam, we’ll have a deeper and fuller understanding of our Creator and who He wants us to be. But at the very least, I think we’ll have spent a little more time each day during Lent 2013 thinking about God than we might have otherwise.

That, in and of itself, will be worthwhile, I think.

Now, don’t expect 40 days of multimedia extravanganzas, full of fancy links or nifty photos. This series will probably be just text.

And don’t be surprised if a lot of the material is familiar. I won’t pretend this is all Petkavian Wisdom, but I also probably won’t spend a lot of time citing the people and places where I first heard these nuggets (often because I won’t remember, and always because my belief is that the author of all good things is God, and it’s to Him that we owe our attribution.)

Speaking of stealing other people’s ideas, I do want to give a quick shout out to my friend and fellow WordPress blogger Jim Newman. His Facebook-based Epiphany Project, which was a journey in photographs from Epiphany to Lent, nudged me in this direction, prompting me to wonder how I could use social media differently in my efforts to further God’s kingdom. Thanks, Jim!

But which 40 Days, Baldy?

A just question, my liege. There are indeed 46 days (inclusive) between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday. But we don’t count the Sundays, because each Sunday is a mini-Easter, and Easter trumps Lent.

“Since all Sundays—and not simply Easter Sunday—were days to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection, Christians were forbidden to fast and do other forms of penance on those days. Therefore, when the Church expanded the period of fasting and prayer in preparation for Easter from a few days to 40 days (to mirror Christ’s fasting in the desert, before He began His public ministry), Sundays could not be included in the count.” – according to Catholicism.about.com

Therefore, this will be a Wednesday-through-Saturday activity this week, and a Monday-through-Saturday exercise for the following five weeks.

Forty insightful posts in 40 days. Is that realistic, Baldy?

Another good question. Wow, you’re really on the ball today. The answer is, ‘Of course not – without God’s help, that is.’

I’m completely in God’s hands in this (as in all things, if I’m honest with myself). But I do want to give the Potter the best clay I can to work with, so I have a couple of strategies in mind to make this project as possible as possible.

First of all, these posts will be short – both by design and by necessity. And my goal will not be to over-think or over-write, but to simply reflect and share. (You’ll be invited to reflect and share right on back, by the way.)

But if your question is, ‘Can we really come up with 40 Simple Truths about God?’ the answer is a definite yes. God is bigger than the entire universe. All the words and runes and glyphs and pictures in the history of all the planets in Creation, stacked on top of each other, wouldn’t be enough to capture all that The Great I Am, is.

So yes, I’m pretty confident we can find 40 attributes worth discussing over the next six weeks.

More practically, I’ve got a tentative list of 40 ideas already. They’re all subject to change, and some of them are synonyms, so I do hope to come up with replacements for some of them. If I don’t, I think that’s OK. A little repetition might help reinforce some key points.

Now, some of you are probably aware that I’ve had mixed (meaning very little) success with previous efforts to make Lent meaningful (See Lent, Re-Lent, Lent 2012 and Re-Lent 2012). But I think I’ve got my head on straight about this one: I have an outline in place, I’m going to do it in bite-sized chunks and I know Whose project it really is. This just might work.

(Like I said, a new thing. New to me, at least.)

Peace be with you.

About robpetkau

Communications professional by day, amateur musician by night, worship leader (at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Calgary) on weekends and aspiring Bible teacher in my dreams. Grateful husband to the woman who completes me. Doing-the-best-I-can dad to the son and daughter who keep me on my toes. Striving disciple of the GodMan who came, taught and died for me. Thanks for stopping by!
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7 Responses to 40 Simple Truths

  1. Jim says:

    This sounds like an exciting idea, Rob; surely an epiphany if ever I saw one! I’ll looking forward to your journey.

  2. robpetkau says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jim!

  3. Kyle says:

    I am looking forward to your posts Rob, all Glory to our Lord Jesus.

  4. Jenny says:

    Let the posts commence!

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