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Is he or isn’t he?

Wow. She’s so upbeat and helpful. She never says a bad word and always seems to try to take the high road when it comes to office banter. I wonder if she’s a Christian… I’ve pondered that a couple of times lately … Continue reading

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Getting Confirmated

‘You’re going to Confirmation Class? But weren’t you baptized as an adult?’ a delighted, but justly confused, friend asked me recently. ‘Yeah, but only chronologically,’ I replied. Like a lot of things in life, we laugh because it’s funny, and … Continue reading

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Grave Answers

A few days ago in Grave Questions, I asked the question, ‘If Jesus spent time in Hell, but Hell exists outside time, does that mean part of Him is still there?’ This just in: No frickin’ way. I have my … Continue reading

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Grave Questions

‘Interesting theological question: When Jesus was in the grave, did he run into Judas? Imagine that conversation!’ That gem was tweeted a couple of days ago by a fine young priest I know named Kyle Norman. Very thought-provoking. Thanks, Kyle! … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Tim (and Andrew)

‘Jesus Christ, what a show!’ That’s the opening sentence I wrote in 2001, when I was the theatre critic for Fort McMurray Today – about the local community theatre’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. It wasn’t blasphemy then, and it … Continue reading

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Palm Whine

“So does this year’s Palm Sunday reading focus on the Palm or the Passion?” a friend and bandmate asked me, about this time last week, when we were rehearsing the week’s worship music. “Not a whole bunch of either,” was … Continue reading

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Re-Lent 2012

Holy Moly! It’s Holy Week already! Lent sure went fast this year for me – probably thanks in part to the fact I’ve taken on a huge worship music project this spring (Cursillo Music Director) and am taking a Confirmation … Continue reading

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