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(Red and) Green Blogging

This morning, I realized that we’re just six sleeps away from Christmas morning and I haven’t written a single phrase about Advent or Christmas for my adoring reader(s). Then I realized why: I said it all last year. I have … Continue reading

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Bloody Do-Gooder

‘If any of this has been blasphemy to you, then good! Because it’s been a blast for me, too!’   Saturday Night Live writer A. Whitney Brown turned many a funny phrase in the 1980s, but that line – delivered during … Continue reading

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Beatitude Adjustment

Wife: “Blessed are the cheesemakers? What’s so special about the cheesemakers.” Husband: “It’s not meant to be taken literally – it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products.” That’s one of my many favorite lines from one of my favorite … Continue reading

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