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40 Days Later…

Well, we’re here. Yesterday marks the 40th Day of Community for Holy Trinity Anglican Church, and I have to say this journey didn’t take me where I expected it to. Maybe the problem (and I’m not sure ‘problem’ is the … Continue reading

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Well Done, Your Expectancy…

Christians are expected to be expectant about the great things God is going to do in our lives, but what should we expect when we’re expectant? That’s the question that’s on my mind right now as I prepare to board … Continue reading

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“So why do we call the collect the collect?” asked a member of my small group, who is a relative newcomer to Anglicanism. For others who may also be unfamiliar with the mystical mysteries of a liturgical church, ‘the collect’ … Continue reading

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Remember how exciting it was to be in kindergarten? We spent a good chunk of the school day with Dr. Seuss, the classroom was outfitted with building blocks, sand tables and playhouses – and many of us were even treated … Continue reading

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