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Twice last night, I was awoken by the sound of the doorbell, but it turned out to be a dream. The experience might be a sign from God, but what does it mean? If this Agrium thing doesn’t work out, does … Continue reading

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The Downside

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is often referred to as the Good News, and correctly so. But, unfortunately, the good news that ‘You can be saved’ sort of comes out of left field for most non-Christians, unless it’s preceded by the bad … Continue reading

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Sprechen sie Englisch? Part 2: Lost in Translation

Something tells me English ain’t the official language in Heaven. As I wrote the other day, English dictionaries are cluttered with innumerable words that mean almost – but not quite – the same thing, and we still don’t have enough … Continue reading

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Sprechen sie Englisch? Part 1: Synonym Symphony

People say English is a hard language to learn, but I say it’s easy. After all, I ain’t no brainiac, and I’ve been speaking English since I was a baby! As much as that may be true, unless my community college Communication Process instructors … Continue reading

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Mountain-top experiences would be great, if only we didn’t have to come back to the valley. Peter, James and John had a heckuva mountain-top experience at the time of Transfiguration. They were treated to a vision of Jesus in his heavenly glory; … Continue reading

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