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What do you think the voice of God sounds like? Is it scary, or calming? Reassuring, or unnerving? Is it peaceful or petrifying? Is it a man’s voice? A woman’s? A child’s? Hmmmm … When in doubt, look to Hollywood. … Continue reading

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Rush Hour

They’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love – not by the way we conduct ourselves on icy roads during Rush Hour, during Rush Hour. Karen couldn’t drive last week, due to a badly sprained right ankle, … Continue reading

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In John 3, Jesus tells a Pharisee named Nicodemus that people must be Born Again to see the kingdom of God. The notion was troublesome to Nicodemus then, and remains so to many of us now. What exactly does being … Continue reading

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Last weekend, I attended a Christian men’s retreat, and had an amazing time. I made great friends, ate great food and most important of all, moved much closer to a great God. This past weekend, my wife Karen attended the … Continue reading

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Smoke Sidebar

Writer’s note: This Disciplehood entry is not really about disciplehood. It should really be part of a blog called Amateurmusicologisthood, but I’m not sure I have enough material to get into that (or enough expertise to make it worthwhile). But … Continue reading

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If I ever had any doubt that God created rock ‘n roll, it evaporated last week at my son’s bedtime. Ian has recently rediscovered the joys of having his dad sing him a few songs before he goes to sleep. … Continue reading

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Got any I.D.?

A few years ago, my church was visited by a guest pastor who introduced me to the phrase ‘theory of intelligent design.’ I was excited. “Intelligent design is the proposition that certain features of the universe and of living things are … Continue reading

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